We admire talent, and better if on our team
We like Biryani, PUBG and shooting each other with Nerf guns. Join the madhouse!

A typical day at Orca Studio exudes a whole lot of creativity, sprinkled with passion. We dive into briefs with a strategic drive and a little hint of crazy, let's not forget that side of Chai. Our work is highly influenced by the company we keep. An unlimited stream of witty jokes, random singing outbursts and constant motivation to do better, there's never a mundane moment working with us. Come find out.
So what’s your forte?

At Orca Studio, We are constantly 'ideating', 'creating' and 'producing' concepts that are 'distinct' from one another. Seizing each day with 'passion' and 'drive', each one of us aims to create the right 'impact' on the audience. Our work Environment triggers limitless 'thought', 'art' and 'creativity' delivered by a team of dreamers turned go-getters.
2021 Orca Studio
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